What are the main uses of the wall breaker?

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With the improvement of people's living standard, in our life, there is a lot of new type of home appliance, then the wall machine is one of them, in fact, in the early years, when life should be one of the most common juicer and soybean milk machine, etc., but in recent years the broken wall machine, let a lot of people feel very confused, because do not understand, so also dare not easily to use, Many people are very curious, what are the main uses of the wall breaker? Today we will introduce the main uses of the wall breaker.

1. Stir function.

The first function, in fact, we can see from the broken wall machine name, it is the reason of the wall, is due to internal power and the installation of the blade, high-speed makes food after into the broken wall of the machine, it can be fast grinding into powder, we want to have so that you can go directly to use all kinds of food, also is the juicer, often appear in our life We can put fruit in it and it's juice, and that's what the wall breaker is for.

2: Grind beans.

Beans actually relative to plants, or food, fruit is hard, and legumes often used in home appliances, is actually a soybean milk machine, and it contains soybean milk machine wall-breaking machine quite so that a function, that is to say, we can also be soya-bean milk needed raw materials directly into the wall of machine, the grinding effect is the same, And because the wall breaking machine adopts new technology, the core technology is high-tech, which will lead to the whole wall breaking effect is more delicate than the soybean milk machine, and the taste will be better.

3 Make ice cream.

Families with children in the home, actually choose to break the walls of the machine is a very wise idea, because the wall machine and one of the biggest function, is that it can do ice cream, we all know the ice cream on market pattern sort very much, but because of various added element, can lead to will not give the child to use, and that more embodies the great function of broken wall machine, Because of the broken wall of the machine can make ice cream, we can first will need fruit and their raw materials in the fridge for refrigeration, such as cold storage to a steady state, the material can be taken out, and then into the wall of machine, in the process of the need to add some milk, can undertake a debug according to taste, The end result is our ice cream, although the wall breaker is very popular in the summer, because it can not only make some juice, but also the existence of ice cream, so that the wall breaker sales continue to increase.

4. Coffee maker.

A lot of people because they have no understanding of broken wall, the wall machine don't really know is another function can replace our coffee machine, because it can grind the coffee, we often use coffee beans, if you want a coffee taste better, is actually need to grind the very meticulous, or out of coffee is short of psychological taste of what we need, and the wall machine, The blade setting in it is specially tested for a variety of foods, so it can be a complete grinding for all kinds of ingredients. If we put the coffee beans into the wall breaker, as long as the corresponding time speed is adjusted, it will achieve an effect we want to expect.

For broken wall machine function is very broad, with innovative thinking of people, it's actually broken machine major function has already moved beyond the original design of some function, so if we want to choose a home polishing machine, so the wall machine must be the best choice, not only are there more functions and advanced technology, can make us have more choice.

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