The role of the wall breaker is not generally large, such as these good functions

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When it comes to breaking the wall machine, I believe many families have it. A breaking wall machine plays a very important role in making food for families. For example, the most common function is that you can use the wall breaking machine to beat soybean milk, juice, grinding powder, shaving ice, making meat, female friends can also use the wall breaking mechanism for mask, can say that the function is not too diversified. But there is also such a problem, that is, after many families buy the wall breaking machine, the frequency of using it is very low. The key is not to know how to use the wall breaking machine. It doesn't matter.

To make the peanut butter, prepare the body peanuts and almonds, plus sugar. Roast peanuts and almonds in the oven. After cooling, remove the skins of peanuts and almonds, especially the skins of almonds are a little bitter, so try to clean them. Pour the cooked peanuts and almonds into a cooking cup, then add the appropriate amount of granulated sugar. If you don't like sweet, you can choose not to add it. After you start the machine, select the sauce program on the wall breaker, and it takes about three and a half minutes. You can see in the container that the peanuts and almonds are broken up, and you can also use a stir bar in the middle to give the nuts a good stir. As you stir, you will find that the fat in the container is increasing, and the peanuts and almonds will gradually become liquid. At this time, you will be able to see the shape of the sauce, especially those who like the delicate taste can stir a little longer. Usually by the end of the sauce process, basically the peanut almond paste is made.

Blueberry banana smoothie. Prepare bananas, blueberries, yogurt, and appropriate ice. Peel and cut the bananas, wash the blueberries, and toss in the blender. Blueberry-banana smoothies are also known as the king of berries because they are rich in polysaccharides and flavonoids when eaten regularly. Blueberries are rich in fruit pulp, which goes into the esophagus to help the body absorb and digest more smoothly, and also regulate the balance of bacteria in the gut.

Chinese yam, purple potato and soybean milk. Ingredients for preparation are Chinese yam, purple potato, soybean, sweet osmanthus and a small amount of honey. The soya beans are washed and soaked for 6 hours in advance. If the soya beans are not soaked in advance, replace the soya beans and water with milk to make a great yam and purple potato shake. Wash and peel the purple potatoes and yams. Pour into a cooking cup and stir in hot soup mode. Purple sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients, as well as iron, selenium and anthocyanins. Entering the body can increase the body's immune ability, eliminate free radicals contained in the body, prevent various cancers, sheng Jin yi lung, tonifying kidney runjing is a very good drink.

Orange and apple juice. It's easy to make orange and apple juice using the wall breaker. Prepare oranges, apples, carrots, ice cubes and honey. Wash them, cut them into pieces and stir them into a cooking cup in a wall breaker and pour them straight out.

In fact, the food and drinks that can be made by using the wall breaking machine are not only the above kinds. When making food, you can play your imagination and use the wall breaking machine to help you make nutritious and delicious food. I believe it will be a very simple thing.

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