How is the juicer used? What does a juicer do?

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The juicer is already a very convenient tool. When we drink soy milk or drink juice, we can use the juicer. Some people do not understand the use of the juicer, so let's understand the use of the juicer.

First, what is the use of the juicer

Juicer is the use of the method is very simple, first of all, we need to clean the juicer, then prepare their favorite food, I will fry some watermelon juice, so will be cut some watermelon, and then click on the corresponding button, such as his juice can be completed, then pour it out, some juicer and automatic cleaning key, that is the high-grade juicer, If you don't have it, you can wash it by hand. It's a bit of trouble, but it's worth it.

2. What can the juicer do

1. The juice

Since it is called the juicer, of course, it can be squeezed, such as watermelon juice, blueberry juice, strawberry juice and so on a lot of fruits can be squeezed, and even durian can be made into durian mud, is also very good.

2. Do the crushed ice

You put some ice in there and then you don't have to wait for it to be really crushed, it's almost there, and then you put it in your own drink and it's very good, very thirsty.

3. Do the meat

The juicer can also be used to ground meat, if you do not want to manually ground meat, you can use the juicer, the meat blender is not cooked, frozen so delicate, but also can, can also use it, stir garlic is also a very good choice.

Juicer is the use of the method is very simple, usually there will be detailed instructions on the method of use, in addition to the above approach, also can fry some soybean milk, for example pressed soybean, soybean milk and black beans, soy milk is very good choice, also very nutritious, can according to their own home what's inside can try, after all, period, Maybe you invented your own drink or food, made with a juicer, and it's really delicious.

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